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Are you or a loved one experiencing brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, depression/anxiety, constipation or other thyroid symptoms? Are your symptoms staying the same or steadily worsening even though you’ve been placed on thyroid medication? Or are you a part of the 60% of people who feel this way and not aware that it is your thyroid causing these unexplained symptoms.

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Thyroid Dysfunction could be the biggest cause of your health problems

The doctors at Integrative Brain and Body are experts in helping manage and support thyroid dysfunction without drugs or surgery. The approach we take is to find the underlying cause of thyroid dysfunction. By finding and addressing the underlying causes of thyroid dysfunction it allows our patients to achieve lasting relief of their symptoms and most importantly regain control of their life. If you would like to take the first step in getting your life back please sign up for our Thyroid Series newsletter.

In our Thyroid Newsletter you will discover:
  • How to tell if your thyroid is the source of all your problems
  • The true causes of thyroid disease including the most common cause, which you probably weren’t tested for
  • Why conventional treatments don’t often work and leave patients frustrated
  • Why so many patients have “normal” lab results but might not feel normal
  • How dysfunctions with your brain, liver, gut, adrenals other hormones can mess up thyroid function and visa versa
  • Which nutrients are needed for your thyroid gland to function properly
  • How to become more educated on thyroid health so you can start making smarter choices and feel better today

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