I had all kinds of issues. I had problems with my stomach. I had anxiety. I couldn’t sleep. I pretty much couldn’t function at all. I was afraid and I didn’t know what this program was all about. Here I am a year later and I feel great! I sleep. I am able to eat better. I exercise. I have energy. I am so glad I found them.

Testimonial Helen Z.
Helen Z.

I struggled with my thyroid and my weight all my life…Now, I feel 100% better…I have lost over 50 pounds. Energy is up! I do 2 days a week of weight training, 4 days a week of yoga. I have a lot more energy than when I came in.

Testimonial Michelle M.
Michelle M.

I was very fatigued. I could hardly walk up the stairs, basically I felt I couldn’t go anymore. Life was really hard and I wasn’t getting the things done I needed to do. I had thyroid problems. My hair was falling out. I had hormone issues. My health is 100% better. It’s completely different. I have energy. I can focus…I can take care of my kids…My hair grew back in. I have lost 30-35lbs. My life is just completely different.

Testimonial Maria S
Maria S

I feel like a new person. I came here because of migraines, vertigo, and weight problems. I have not had a vertigo episode since starting. If you are thinking about this, go for it! You will feel 1000% better. I have lost 25lbs. I am exercising regularly, and I owe it all to both of the doctors.

Testimonial Melanie S
Melanie S

I always had migraine headaches since I was about 18. They are basically almost gone. Before coming here the headaches started becoming a lot worse. I would get tingling on the top of my head, a little numbness, and severe pain on the crown on my head. Since I’ve been coming I haven’t had any of those. Before coming here I have tried: aspirin, many different medications, many different doctors they all didn’t work. I have learned a lot more about the causes and now know what to do.

Testimonial Karen H
Karen H

I have tried everything. I’ve seen 5 different neurologists, and two or three gastroenterologists. Some of which have been deemed the best in the country. I was experiencing gut issues pretty much my whole life, which then turned into chronic migraines. I was missing working on average once a week, sometimes a couple times a week…because of debilitating migraines. Since coming here, I have not had one migraine or headache. I also happened to lose 20 lbs which was an unexpected nice side effect. And recently I just found out I was pregnant! So my body is healthy, and happy and feeling great!

Testimonial Amanda

I came here initially feeling horrible. I had been diagnosed with lymes disease prior. I was tired. I had stomach issues. I had been to so many doctors, and I kept getting worse. I have tried many different things, antibiotics, IV drugs. I think what really worked here is that they do things systematically. They took care of my stomach right away. Immediately I started losing weight without even thinking about it, or trying. Which was amazing because I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. My energy level went way up. I was not able to work last year because I was so sick. I am back to work part-time, and I feel like to can go back full-time. And that is amazing to me.

Testimonial Mary

I had bloating, tight pants all the time. I had gout. I was on two blood pressure medications. My bones and my joints would hurt more. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. My energy was gone. My mood was flying off the handle all the time, I would snap all the time. I couldn’t handle stress at all. I feel 200% better. I lost over 65 pounds. Before going on this program I was doubtful, I thought it was going to be a big joke. The next thing you know within weeks of going on this program I lost over 20 lbs. The previous doctors told me I would have edema in my legs my whole life, that was gone within a couple weeks. My energy levels are 150% better. Before I don’t even know if I could do 15 steps up the stairs, now actually I run up the stairs now.

Testimonial Andy M
Andy M

In the fall of 2014, my son started middle school. By October, he was close to failing two classes. We had him tested and he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Determined to avoid the prescription drug plan, we instead saw an ad in the Tinley Junction for an information session at an area chiropractor. I attended the session, was fascinated by what I heard and scheduled an evaluation for my son. Dr. Holmes was one of the physicians we met during that meeting. After performing a series of simple, non-invasive tests (physical, visual, auditory), the doctors concurred with the diagnosis of ADD. There was one difference. They suggested an approach made up of dietary changes and brain games--neurological exercises to wake up less engaged areas of his brain.

I am pleased to share that when 2015 started, his grades had improved to mostly B's. By the time the school year ended (and the program concluded), he made the honor roll. As the new school year started this fall, his success continued. He finished first quarter on high honors and continues to do well. While the program requires effort, commitment and a belief in possibilities, I will forever be thankful that we saw the newspaper notice, came in for the evaluation and joined the program.

Thank you Dr. Holmes for your patience, wisdom and dedication to my son! We will never forget you or the difference you made!

Testimonial Mary Jo H.
Mary Jo H.
Written about her 11 year old son, Evan