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We believe health is a journey. Let’s begin this journey together with your new patient appointment to determine the next best step for your health. During this appointment, you can expect to be heard, a thorough exam, and a doctor who will work to come up with a plan specifically for you to reach your health goals.

Start Your Journey Back To Health

Our team at Integrative Brain and Body strives to provide our patients with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. We are here for you and will do whatever it takes to improve your overall well-being and provide a path for continued holistic health moving forward.

Additionally, when we connect on the discovery call, our coordinators will also have a few questions for you so they can assess your case and share the ways that Integrative Brain and Body may be able to help you on your health journey. 

We will likely have a few initial recommendations on potential treatment methods and will use it to help decide whether we are the right fit for you, at this time.

Please note that office hours are by appointment only. However, we understand that there is no way to predict the urgent health matters life may throw your way, so we make time in our schedule to accommodate same day or urgent appointments.

Are you ready to regain your health?

What to expect for your initial visit:
  • Detailed History
  • Online Health Questionnaire
  • Recent Lab Test Review (up to 6 months)
  • Functional Medicine Assessment and Multiple Systems Questionnaire
  • Brain Health Questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • Advanced Functional Neurological Exam
  • At least 60 minutes of one on one time with the doctor.

Please provide the best time we can reach you at in the message section of the form. Please also remember to include a valid phone number and e-mail.

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Testimonials From Patients

"I struggled with my thyroid and my weight"

I struggled with my thyroid and my weight all my life…Now, I feel 100% better…I have lost over 50 pounds. Energy is up! I do 2 days a week of weight training, 4 days a week of yoga. I have a lot more energy than when I came in.

-Michelle M

"I had all kinds of issues. I had problems with my stomach"

I had all kinds of issues. I had problems with my stomach. I had anxiety. I couldn’t sleep. I pretty much couldn’t function at all. I was afraid and I didn’t know what this program was all about. Here I am a year later and I feel great! I sleep. I am able to eat better. I exercise. I have energy. I am so glad I found them.

- Helen Z

"I was very fatigued. I could hardly walk up the stairs"

I was very fatigued. I could hardly walk up the stairs, basically I felt I couldn’t go anymore. Life was really hard and I wasn’t getting the things done I needed to do. I had thyroid problems. My hair was falling out. I had hormone issues. My health is 100% better. It’s completely different. I have energy. I can focus…I can take care of my kids…My hair grew back in. I have lost 30-35lbs. My life is just completely different.

- Maria S

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