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DUTCH Cycle Mapping

Purpose of Test

For Women

For some women, testing reproductive hormones (progesterone, estrogen, etc.) on a single day is sufficient. In other scenarios, the clinical picture cannot be properly captured without “mapping” out the hormonal pattern throughout their menstrual cycle.

The expected pattern of hormones shows relatively low estrogen levels early in the cycle, a surge around ovulation and modest levels in the latter third of the cycle (the luteal phase). Progesterone levels, on the other hand, stay relatively low until after ovulation. After ovulation, levels ideally increase (>10-fold) and then drop back down at the end of the cycle. A disruption in this cycle can lead to infertility or hormonal imbalance.


  • Women struggling with infertility
  • Women with cycling hormones and no menses
  • Partial hysterectomy (ovaries intact but no uterus)
  • Ablations
  • Mirena IUD (no actual menstrual bleeding due to IUD but still has hormonal symptoms)
  • Women with irregular cycles
  • PCOS
  • If the luteal phase shifts from month-to-month
  • Not sure when to test due to long or short cycles
  • Women whose hormonal symptoms tend to fluctuate throughout the cycle
  • PMS, mid-cycle spotting, migraines, etc.
LAB PHONE NUMBER: (503)687-2050


No please do not stop any of your medications before collecting your sample.
It is not required, though we can get a better baseline of where your body is at if you aren’t taking nutritional supplements. The folks at precision analytical reccomend that the following supplements may need to be avoided for atleast 3 days prior to the test: 5-HTP, Tryptophan, SAMe, Tyrosine, L-Dopa, DL-Phenylalanine, Macuna, Quercetin, St. John’s Wort..
You can either call our office, the laboratory number provided above or email the doctor you are working with.

Turn Around Time Is Around 2-4 Weeks

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