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Dr. Scott Beyer


Dr. Scott Beyer is a second generation chiropractor who grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago with the desire to teach and help others. Throughout his life Dr. Scott has been involved in the community, school sports and has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. All through his educational experience Dr. Scott has strived to learn more than what was being taught in the classroom. His desire for learning continued while in college, completing 8 years of curriculum in just 6.

He graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. He then moved on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. It was while attending Palmer Dr. Scott met Dr. Holmes who had the same passion for teaching and helping others.

While studying for his Doctorate of Chiropractic Dr. Scott recognized the importance of the relationship between the health our brain and nervous system and the health of our body. What affects the brain and nervous system will affect the rest of the body. Dr. Scott has his Diplomate in Neurology and has taken over 400 hours of post graduate level courses in functional neurology, taught by the prestigious Carrick Institute. He, along with Dr. Holmes, has also taken hundreds of hours of courses in functional medicine covering a wide array of topics including:

  • Nutritional Approaches for Changing Brain Chemistry
  • Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Thyroid Gland Disorders
  • Environmental Influences on Immunity
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Mitochondrial health
  • Genetics

In The Media - Dr. Scott Beyer

Dr. Scott Beyer is a highly sought-after functional medicine provider and functional neurologist specializing in helping those with mystery illness and neurological symptoms. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on various health topics. He has been featured in various popular media outlets.

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