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Are you or a loved one experiencing brain fog, fatigue, bloating, heartburn, constipation/diarrhea or a mixture of all the above? You may be one of the 10 to 15 percent of the population who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other disturbances like Crohns, Ulcerative colitis or even Celiacs. You may also be a part of the 60% of people who experience heartburn/GERD in their lifetime.

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"Look to the Gut. There you will find the cause of all human illness."

The quote above was stated more than 2000 years ago by a very smart man from ancient Greece – Hippocrates. Hippocrates was so influential in medicine he is considered “The Father of Medicine.” In fact, medical doctors are required to take upon a Hippocratic Oath. Modern conventional medicine has gotten away from looking at the influence our digestive system has on the rest of our body and are now focused more on symptom reduction via pharmaceuticals.  This is not true with functional medicine practitioners as well as the recent research. The doctors at Integrative Brain and Body are experts in helping manage and support digestive dysfunction without drugs or surgery. The approach we take is to find the underlying cause of digestive dysfunction as well as discovering lifestyle choices that may be preventing recovery. This allows our patients to achieve lasting relief of their symptoms and most importantly regain control of their life. If you would like to take the first step in getting your life back please sign up for our Digestive Series newsletter.

In our Digestive/Gut Newsletter you will discover:
  • The number one cause of digestive symptoms
  • The role stomach acid has in heartburn/GERD and how conventional medicine has it backwards
  • How stomach acidity shapes our intestinal environment
  • The importance of having a strong gut barrier and discover if you have something called “Leaky Gut”
  • What surprising foods can contribute to digestive symptoms
  • How your gut effects your brain and how it can alter your mood/concentration
  • The single most important nerve when it comes to proper gut function and how stress turns this nerve off
  • How gut dysfunction can affect other bodily systems and prevent you from being healthy
  • How to become more educated on Digestive and Gut health so you can start making smarter choices and feel better today
  • When we find out new research and information, and events we hold related to not just gut health, but overall body health

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