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Covid19 Resources

Now that we are facing the spread of the coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to ramp up your health practices, build your immunity and use common sense when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and your community.

In my practice, I often help people dealing with illness and viruses can be especially complex because there are no direct treatments with many.

So relying on your immunity is the best bet. Now is the time to take an active role in overall healthy during this troubling time, but the tips and knowledge that I share here is also part of a protocol just to lead a healthy life.

What Are The Symptoms?

Unlike your standard strains of the flu, the symptoms of Covid-19 are different. Many people report coughing, difficulty breathing, fever, chills with the sweats, headaches, body pain, and extreme fatigue, but NOT your typical runny nose. GI symptoms are being reported as well including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain which may be reported first.

How to Tell the Difference Between Coronavirus Symptoms Vs. Allergy

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? There is some overlap between COVID-19 symptoms and allergies. Be aware of the overlap and also check to see if you have any the symptoms above such as GI issues that you typically don’t have during allergy season.

  • Coughing
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion
  • Nausea

Safety Guide: How to Stay Informed, Safe, and Calm

While there is no reason for mass hysteria, we do need to be safe, informed and do our best to protect ourselves and others during this time.

  • Practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and avoiding unnecessary exposure is smart and just common sense.
  • Opt to order groceries on line. Do not invite delivery staff inside, request that they drop the groceries outside or in your foyer.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands after touching any packaged that should be immediately discarded as the virus can survive on many surfaces for a prolonged period.

If You Must Be Out of Your Home

While COVID-19 can be more dangerous for seniors, we are seeing more young people being infected as well. Since you can never really know where someone’s immunity stands, at this time, err on the side of caution!

If you must go out in public, or be in places where there are larger crowds, such as public transport, grocery stores, or your workplace, always prepare in advance to protect yourself and others from potential spread.

This includes, maintaining at least a 6-foot distance (as the virus spreads via respiratory droplets coming from an infected individual’s coughs or sneezes). Be sure to regularly wash your hands as you may touch surfaces where the virus can survive for many hours, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds with soap then rinsing with warm water.

Avoid closed quarters with people, and always stay home if you feel sick.

Now is also the time to get extra sleep, avoid junk food (this includes many frozen meals that contain preservatives, sugar and other unhealthy ingredients), eat plenty of organic produce including greens, and practice mindset techniques to keep you and your family calm like meditation.

There are plenty of online options for work-outs that the whole family can enjoy. Check the website of your local library. Many of them have multiple online portal where you can download books, watch free movies, and more.

Schedule A Virtual Health Consultation

The current crisis certainly has brought lots of change, quickly – so it’s natural to feel anxious, uncertain or overwhelmed. The best suggestion I give my patients is to focus on what you can control, which includes maintaining optimal health and boosting your immunity to prevent a viral infection in the first place.

Because every person is unique, with unique requirements, I encourage existing and new patients to schedule a virtual health consult. During this call, held via video conference, I will be better able to help you navigate your unique health needs. Simply select a time and date from my online calendar, and choose the type of appointment you need.

Take The First Step On Your

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a patient. We offer a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.


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