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Autoimmune Thyroid and Pregnancy

More often than not a thyroid story begins with “after my second or third child, my thyroid was never the same.” When a woman comes into our office with that statement, it becomes obvious that sex hormones play a large role in the thyroid hormone story. What many people don’t realize is that 80% of

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Gut Microbes, Gut inflammation and your Thyroid

The complexity of our gastrointestinal system is second to only the complexity of our brain and nervous system. The amount of research coming out about how our gastrointestinal tract can affect the overall health of our body is being released at an exponential rate. To add a layer of complexity, our body is home to

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The Number One Cause of Digestive Symptoms

Our digestive tract is one of the most researched topics in medicine today. Hippocrates, who is considered “The Father of Medicine,” once stated “Look to the Gut. There you will find the cause of all human illness.” Today, this message still holds very true and many practitioners who are staying current in the research are

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Heartburn and GERD – How Conventional Medicine has it Backwards

Without question heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States. With up 60 percent of the population experiencing symptoms of GERD at least once during the year (1), surely most people have experienced (or know someone who experienced) the symptoms of heartburn. The most common symptoms of

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Your Brain on Thyroid Hormone

There is no question that thyroid hormone affects the functioning of your brain as some of the more common symptoms of thyroid related issues are brain fog, fatigue and depression. In fact, one paper measured the levels of thyroid hormones in people with Major Depressive disorder and found significant decreases in both TSH and T3

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The Crucial Function of Your Parietal Lobe

If you were to peer into the vast depth of the milky way galaxy and count each star one by one, it would not even scratch the surface into how many synapses a single brain has. In fact, it would take over 1,500 milky way galaxies to reach the number of synapses our cerebral cortex

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The Number One Cause of Thyroid Dysfunction

The most common cause of thyroid dysfunction in developed countries is immune dysfunction. When the immune system becomes dysfunctional the probability of it making a mistake and targeting your own body increases. This is called an autoimmune disease. There is no question that Americans live inflammatory lifestyles. In fact, the AARDA states that as much

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What are all autoimmune diseases at their core?

The rate at which autoimmune diseases are growing is staggering. With approximately 50 million Americans effected, the chances of someone developing an autoimmune disease in the US is 1 in 5 people (1). While females are at a three times greater risk than males, the exact mechanism is unknown. Some think that it may be

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Discover How Your Gut Health May be Fueling Your Autoimmune Disease

If you read the previous article in the autoimmune series you know that all autoimmune diseases at their core are related to immune dysfunction. So if all autoimmune diseases are related to immune dysfunction is there anything that we can do to help modulate our immunity? Today, modern research shows promising results. There are plenty

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