ADD/ADHD Doctors in Downers Grove, IL

Are you or your child experiencing difficulty with concentration, forgetfulness, agitation (having a hard time staying seated) or excessive daydreaming? Is your child acting out, having a hard time keeping up with homework or finding it difficult to keep good grades? Are you afraid your child is going to fall behind? ADD/ADHD and other spectrum disorders are rising drastically. Although ADD/ADHD can affect anyone at any age it is usually diagnosed in younger children – especially boys.

Over 70% of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are medicated

With the highly addictive medication used to treat ADD/ADHD causing negative long-term side effects many parents are seeking alternative treatments. The doctors at Integrative Brain and Body are experts in helping manage and support ADD/ADHD without the use of pharmaceuticals. What used to be considered impossible we now know to be fact – the brain can improve and change regardless of age. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and is at the core of the Integrative Brain and Body’s program. While utilizing novel exercises we can help improve underdeveloped areas of the brain with great specificity. We bring both parents and kids together to achieve a common goal of improving the child’s focus, attention and behavior. By working together we will help your child achieve a more successful academic and personal life. If you have a child (or if you are an adult with a spectrum disorder) please sign up for our ADD/ADHD newsletter. We hope that you can use the information to make smarter choices and change your or your child’s life today.

In our ADD/ADHD newsletter you will discover:
  • How to tell if you or your child actually has ADD/ADHD
  • The many different contributing factors to ADD/ADHD
  • The many different types of ADD/ADHD
  • How medications are not always the best answer and what alternatives are out there
  • How to check for simple reflexes that may indicate poor brain development
  • How metabolic dysfunctions like gut issues can cause poor brain function and development
  • An overall understanding of the difference between the Left and Right halves of our brains
  • How to become more educated on ADD/ADHD so you can help change your or your child’s life today

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